Poplarville should OK beer sales

Published 7:00 am Saturday, January 18, 2014

Some residents of Poplarville already drink beer. Those that bring the beer home with them from places where it is legal to sell it are doing so illegally, but that is not stopping them.

The issue is not simply one of legality, though. It also is an economic one. Those people who are purchasing beer in other localities are likely spending money on other products. That is taking money from local shop owners in sales they would have made.

Also, it is depriving the city of the sales tax rebates it would have gotten from the state on those sales, including beer sales, that went to elsewhere to other cities. Those who understand the need for more money in the city’s budget should vote for legalization.

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Some in Poplarville oppose the sale of beer for religious reasons. Rather than opposing legalization of beer, perhaps the opposition should be concerned with overindulgence and seek to persuade those who do drink to do so in moderation.

Battling legalization accomplishes nothing with beer already being brought into Poplarville and consumed by its residents. A better strategy for the opposition would be to help the mayor and board of aldermen design an ordinance to mitigate the abuses they fear.

Also, while some argue that legal beer sales will increase the number of drunk drivers, Police Chief Charles Fazende thinks there may be fewer DUIs because those who now go elsewhere to buy alcoholic beverages often take a drink or two on the way back to Poplarville.

Thoughtful voters should listen to the man who is on the firing line in battling drinking drivers and vote for legalization.