Picayune PD concludes operation

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, January 22, 2014

By Jodi Marze

Picayune Item


The Picayune Police Department has concluded an undercover operation in to illegal drug sales, said Jeremy Magri, assistant to the chief.

“On Jan. 10, at 11:10 a.m., we had received information that a male subject was selling suboxone. During the operation, contact had been made with suspect later identified as Anthony Griffin Jr., 32 years of age, residing at 28 Aubrey Holston Rd. in Picayune, to arrange a meeting to sell suboxone to undercover narcotics officers,” Magri said. “Officers then waited at the prearranged meeting location for the suspect to arrive on scene.

“At 12:23 p.m. officers observed the suspect and vehicle traveling on Mississippi Highway 11 towards the meeting location, at which time they notified narcotics officers they were about to be pulling up,” he said.

Griffin Jr. arrived at the location, along with another male suspect identified as Stephen Abadie, Jr., 50 years-of-age, residing at the same address as Griffin, Jr., Magri said.

“Officers then approached the vehicle to take both suspects into custody. As the officers had Griffin Jr. exit the vehicle, they observed what they believed to be suboxone laying on the passenger’s seat,” Magri said. “Upon patting him down they also located 4 green pills identified as Xanax.”

At this time Griffin was arrested for possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute, conspiracy to commit a crime, and possession of controlled substance misdemeanor, Magri said.

“While being taken into custody, Griffin attempted to pay officers to not be arrested which resulted in him being charged with bribery. Also located on him was $198 in U.S. currency, which was seized per pursuant to Miss. Code of 1972, 41-29-153,” Magri said. “The driver, Stephen Abadie Jr., was arrested for possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute and conspiracy to commit a crime.”

“The vehicle, being a 2002 Chevrolet truck, was also seized,” Magri said. “Both suspects were transported to the Criminal Justice Center where they were booked and incarcerated on said charges.”

Chief Dawsey would like to thank men and women of the department for their continued efforts in fighting the war against drugs, Magri said.