Palazzo forecast for new session

Published 9:50 am Tuesday, January 14, 2014

U.S. Representative Steven Palazzo, R-4 Miss., has been working in the new congressional session to follow through on previous bills that he has introduced, as well as introducing a few new ones.

“I have been staying busy. I have a large amount of focus put on the continuation of (efforts) of the last three years in addition to addressing new needs as they arise,” Palazzo said. “The vision has always been one that puts Mississippi families first. That is why I continue to battle Obamacare, Dodd-Franks and other disastrous policies coming out of DC.

“Obamacare is the poster child of government over reach.”

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In order to see expedient progress, Palazzo said that there is a need for strong leadership in the Senate.

“Our policies are extremely important. If we are going to increase regulations and taxes on middle class and businesses, that will be a job killer. It will force businesses to opt out of doing business in the state and country,” he said. “There are 150 bills in the house that would jump start our economy from more competitive entities and they pass the house and die in the Senate at feet of Harry Reid.”

Some examples he provided were:

Skills Act: This act would help long-term unemployed get training to enter the workforce, reduce government by streamlining 30 different workforce development programs into one, and make it easier for community and technical colleges to participate. For more information see:

The Northern Route Approval Act: This act would enable construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and create 20,000 direct jobs, 100,000 indirect. For more information see:

The Veterans Opportunity to Work Act: Increase job training available for veterans leaving the military and entering the workforce, assist veterans with obtaining civilian-equivalent licensing for jobs they’ve been performing in the military to help with job acquirement once they leave or retire. For more information see:

“These are just a few of the 40 bills passed by the House that are stuck in the Senate,” he said. “I share the frustrations of many Mississippians with job losses and economic hardships.”

Palazzo said that state Representatives are on point in representing their constituents.

“Our state delegation is focused on keeping Mississippi friendly and viable to businesses. We do not have a lot of red tape. We all work together to attract and keep industry which provides job opportunities to our residents,” Palazzo said. “We want our residents to have a quality of life and job opportunities in Mississippi and Pearl River County. We want the same for their kids.”

Palazzo said the focus on NASA reauthorization and support for Stennis is a big part of local economic stability.

“Of course our number one priority for the state is to make sure flood insurance stays affordable and accessible for everyone. There have been drastic, unintended consequences, which were never intended to have the potential effect on the United States that it has the potential to have,” Palazzo said. “We are striving for a short term delay so we can fix the broken parts of the program. Meanwhile, FEMA is selectively enforcing the worst parts of law.

“This is not just a South Mississippi and Louisiana issue. We are trying to educate our colleagues on the fact that this will affect their constituents as well. It’s very disingenuous to suggest it is a handout for the rich. Predominantly, our coastal living people are not rich by any stretch of the imagination. They are working people who live off of the water and have grown up doing so, for the most part.

“We will continue to partner with mayors and councils for improvements in our state and county economies,” he said.