Keep Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive

Published 7:00 am Friday, January 17, 2014

By Anthony Hales

Guest Columnist

Every now and then I am inspired, through divine guidance, to put into writing something that will make people look within themselves.

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My target audience today is my young Black brothers and sisters, but it can be applied to any race of people or gender.

Today there is a lot of talk about rights, rights of people as a group and rights of people as individuals. As I reflect on my life and purpose the single most motivating factor that drives me is obedience to God. He raised up a standard in me and my example was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I was so in tune with his vision for America as it related to the Negro race until God had to literally speak words of comfort to me when he was killed. We’ve all heard about his “I Have A Dream “ speech but do you know what that dream is?

I used “is” because it has not come to pass. Progress has been made as far as opportunities and laws go, but there is too much going on within our race that’s killing the dream. I’ve only wanted the same things that Dr. King wanted. To be valued as a man that was worthy of respect. To not be judged by the color of my skin nor be denied any opportunities because of it.

There should never have to be laws passed to make up for injustices or inequalities. Dr. King suffered, along with many others, and died as many others, so that you and I could have a better life.

I have suffered personal attacks and defamation for that same reason. I have a right to speak to those who never fought for anything, while they refuse to respect those who did by the choices they make.

The dream is for you to be respected not feared. The Dream is for you to be educated not ignorant. The dream is for you to be proud not ashamed.

The dream is to not replace sagging cotton sacks with sagging pants. The dream is to be gainfully employed, not beggars. The dream is for you to be law abiding, not lawbreakers.

The dream is for you to be free, not imprisoned. The dream is for you to be relevant not relics. The dream is for us to raise a smarter wealthier generation, not a nation of degenerates.

What right have you to kill this Dream with the things you do that takes the pride away from a people?

(Anthony is a guest columnist and represents District Two on the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors.)