Historical preservation is a must for PRC

Published 9:56 am Tuesday, January 14, 2014

There is a lot of history in Pearl River County, but the stories of the people and buildings would disappear were it not for the efforts of those that seek to preserve that which came before.

Thanks to the Poplarville Historical Preservation Society and the Pearl River County Historical Society, volunteers endeavor to preserve the memories and buildings of times gone by.

The city of Picayune is working to preserve its roots through city upgrades and by bringing back the Frostop Root Beer mug that is part of many current residents’ personal history.

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The city manager’s office and the public works department have been working on bringing a bit of nostalgia back to downtown Picayune through street signs and street lamps.

These are small things that evoke the mood of an era that is no longer in our grasp.

There are also many ideas being discussed in preserving the history of Crosby Memorial Hospital and the area where it once stood.

Poplarville has chosen to honor its history by erecting a new monument in front of the courthouse to commemorate those residents who have sacrificed their lives for the United States.

Poplarville has placed markers in front of their buildings so that visitors and residents alike can read about the history of the building.

It is also nice to walk into the courthouse and see the old floors and the hand lettered and painted signs on transom glass above the doors.

While the building is in dire need of repair, the history of the building shouldn’t be overlooked when upgrading and repairing.

In a time when there is a focus on the future, sometimes we must stop and also remember our past. It is through our past that we form our future, keeping in mind the good done by people that have come before us.