An already successful resolution

Published 11:21 am Thursday, January 9, 2014

In my last column, I wrote about my New Year’s Resolutions. One of the resolutions was to have new experiences and a day later, I had the greatest experience of all.

I was lucky enough to be gifted with tickets to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans to see Alabama and Oklahoma face off for the title.

It has been a long honored tradition for my dad and I to watch football games together on Saturdays and Sundays, as I’m sure many Southern daddy’s girls are familiar with.

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All these years, my dad and I have been forced to watch the games from the couch in our living room and over the past year, from opposite sides of the state.

Thanks to this gift, my father and I were able to experience our first college football game together.

We had no stakes in the winner of the game, but it was still an exciting time for us. Although, as SEC fans, we were disappointed that Alabama didn’t win the game.

It didn’t matter that it was a football game or that it took place in the Superdome, although that didn’t hurt, it was about a moment between a father and daughter.

It was a time that I will forever cherish and hold dear to my heart and I am blessed to have had that opportunity. I am also lucky that I was able to experience that moment with my dad. I couldn’t imagine having shared those tickets with anyone else.

I am also blessed to have a father who spent every weekend with me growing up teaching me about football and bonding with me. He was the same father who would listen to me talk for hours and never complain because he loved me and wanted to listen to me. He also watched plenty of television, movies and listened to a lot of over the years that I’m sure wasn’t his first choice, but he did it just so he can spend time with me.

I am a very lucky daughter and football fan.