Vocability: It’s a small world after all

Published 12:06 pm Monday, December 30, 2013

As I was looking for some inspiration for this week’s column, I stumbled across information that took me straight back to Sunday nights, when I was growing up.

Nights that my brother Dave and I would sit glued to the television set watching “Wonderful World of Disney” or some incarnation of that program.

The series premiered as “Disneyland” on October 27, 1954 and concluded its 29th season with a finale as “Walt Disney” on May 3, 1983. Those were the good ole’ days.

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The series brought my brother and me hours of delight repeating words like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Indubitably. We would repeat them over and over as fast as we could and laugh at the first one who messed up the pronunciation. So much for the times before video games.

This week’s column celebrates Disney and the amazing words it brought into our homes and lives at such a young age. Here are some of my favorite words from Disney movies. Match meanings to words and remember that the answers are always at the bottom.





A. Atrocious —

B. Precocious —

C. Crustacean —

D. Idle Prattle —

E. Menagerie —

F. Meticulous —

G. Tenacity —

H. Quid Pro Quo —

I. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  —.

J. Indubitably —

K. Pachyderms —

L. Etiquette —

M. Domicile —

N. Aggregation —

O. Strife —

P. Wanderlust —

Q. Posse —

R. Beguine —

S. Expectorating —

T. Genuflect —

U.  Calumny —




1. Having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual.

2. Something for something.

3. Showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.

4. Any of the thick-skinned, nonruminant ungulates, as the elephant, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros.

5. Horrifyingly wicked.

6. Conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

7. Vigorous or bitter conflict, discord, or antagonism.

8. A strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

9. A dance in bolero rhythm that originated in Martinique.

10. Ejecting or expelling matter, as phlegm, from the throat or lungs by coughing or hawking and spitting.

11. To bend the knee or touch one knee to the floor in reverence or worship.

12. An arthropod of the large, mainly aquatic group Crustacea, such as a crab, lobster, shrimp, or barnacle.

13. Extraordinarily good; wonderful

14. A body or force armed with legal authority.

15. A false and malicious statement designed to injure the reputation of someone or something.

16. A place of residence; abode; house or home.

17. To talk or chatter idly or meaninglessly.

18. A collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition.

19.  Collection into an unorganized whole.

20 In a manner or to a degree that could not be doubted.

21. The quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.



A. 5; B. 1; C. 12; D. 17; E. 18; F. 3; G. 21; H. 2; I. 13; J. 20; K. 4; L. 6; M. 16; N. 19; O. 7; P.  8; Q. 14; R. 9; S. 10; T. 11; U. 15