The world is waiting for your talents

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, December 24, 2013

By Jan Miller Penton


Guest Columnist

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Sweaty fingers clamped tightly to the cold, hard microphone as I clasped it for the very first time. My attempt at appearing calm and poised was revealed as such by the crackling voice spilling for my lips.

Upon hearing the tight, high-pitched introduction, my legs almost retreated back to my seat, but I forced them to reluctantly stand beneath me. Eyes of the other writers peered with open curiosity.

Silently I scolded myself, “Breathe. You will make a great first impression if you pass out on the floor. Now, open your mouth and speak.”

Haltingly words stabbed at the silence and my story began. After a time, my eyes dared to glance up from the piece that had been so painstakingly prepared for this moment. The same eyes that had appeared so intently curious, now sparkled with interest. Heads nodded in encouragement. The rapid pulse coursing through my veins slowed as my voice breathed life into my words on the page. My voice took on depth and began to share the beauty of the words with abandon. Words that danced into the atmosphere and worked their magic, as my reluctance gave way to enthusiasm.

As the last word was read, smiling eyes and applause engulfed me. My legs willingly escorted me to the safety of my seat, as a happy sigh escaped my lips. I had found a home.

On most Monday evenings a diverse group of people come together at Resurrection Life’s Java Café’. They have one common thread which is a love of writing. There, they share life, memories, dreams and laughter.

Skills are honed; friendships are forged. These people meet together and do what they were meant to do; they write. They come to know one another and somewhere in the process, come to know themselves. They share their trials and their triumphs through written words.

Seeds of greatness as our leader Grace Booth, assures us were planted by the creator into our hearts. Word after word, page after page, and our confidence in our gift grows and we begin to see it. The tiny seed pushes its way through to the sunshine as it is watered with instruction, acceptance, praise and practice.

Each time we pick up the microphone to share with our fellow writers, we experience the miracle of growth. We see the development of the gift planted in us by God, our Father.

In this we find joy.

At this time of year, especially, many of us get caught up in the business of life. We rush from one event to the other, hardly stopping to take a breath. As we do, we wonder why we become stressed and frazzled instead of finding peace.

Take time for yourself this holiday season to do what you love. Look deep inside and remember what gives you joy. What were you born to do? That is what you must do. The world is waiting.

Jan is a writer and guest columnist