The Library can help you keep them

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 28, 2013

By Carol Phares

Guest Columnist 

Here we are between Christmas and New Year’s Day, a sigh of relief that most of the hustle and bustle is behind us for now. All that is left is to ring in 2014. Or is it? Are you one of the millions of people across the country who decide that things will be different in the new year, that you will transform yourself into a new you through New Year’s resolutions? I confess, I’m one of those, too. January 2013, I resolved to read more books (it’s a myth that librarians have time to read all those books they care for), lose weight, exercise more, and learn a new hobby. I’ve had more success in keeping resolutions for 2013 than any other time. I read more books; I was not successful in the weight loss and exercise. But, I’ve picked up a couple of new hobbies. I plan to do even better in 2014.

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New Year’s resolutions are made because a new year brings new beginnings, new hopes. According to, the top 10 resolutions are:


1. Lose weight


2. Volunteer to help others


3. Quit smoking


4. Get a better education


5. Get a better job


6. Save money


7. Get fit


8. Eat healthy food


9. Manage stress


10. Manage diet


What do you plan for 2014? If losing weight is on your to-do list, look no further than one of the libraries for help. The shelves are packed with books about any kind of diet you can think of. The library has books to help you decide which diet is best for you.


When you choose a diet plan, why go to the book store and buy the cookbooks you need? One cookbook may have 2 or 3 recipes that you really like. Why not come to the library, browse through shelf upon shelf of cookbooks, check out a few and try some recipes? When you find just the right cookbook, then you can buy it.


I really like the second resolution on this list. The library certainly has books, both fiction and nonfiction about volunteerism, but how about helping at the library? There are always books to shelve. If you have a little library experience, you can use your talent to help process books to get them ready for the shelves. How do all those books get on the shelf, anyway? That is the subject of another column.


Are you ready for a new job through better education? Look no further than the library. Here, you will find information about colleges, what their specialty is, how much they cost, what are the entrance requirements. Books about financial aid will help you decide how you will finance your education. You will also find books that will help you understand your strengths. These books help you discover jobs and professions that match your preferences and strengths.


Self-help books are all the rage at this time of year. If you received a self-help book as a gift, and it does not fit the area with which you want help, never fear, the library has a wide variety of self-help books that inspire you to new heights. They will inform and enrich that part of your life you wish to improve. Save the self-help gift for a re-gift, or better yet, donate it to the library more people can benefit. As most readers of this newspaper are aware, the budget for the Library System has been severely cut over the last 2 to 3 years. The library’s book budget depends on donations of cash and books. More about donations in another column.


The best part of all of this is that it is free! All you need is a library card and you can have access to all this information. Crosby Memorial Library in Picayune and the Poplarville Public Library can help you become a better you. I know that with all this information at your fingertips, you will be successful in keeping your New Year’s resolutions.


The staff of Pearl River County Library System wishes you and yours a Happy New Year!