The Crosby Arboretum: Connected to the community

Published 5:32 pm Monday, December 30, 2013

We still encounter many in our local community who confess, “I’ve never been to the Crosby Arboretum.” Hopefully, a spirited conversation with them about we offer in activities or recreational opportunities will inspire a visit and open up a whole new world that has been “so close, but yet so far”.


First-time visitors may scratch their heads as they try to find our public garden, and from there, our Visitor Center, which is located down a 400 foot pathway called the “Arrival Journey”. But once they get their bearings (and a map), they begin their own journey of discovery. The Arboretum’s paths wind through our 64-acre site, past exhibits of Mississippi native plant communities in Aquatic, Savanna, and Woodland habitats, and our award-winning Pinecote Pavilion.

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What can you do at the Crosby Arboretum? Your choices are many. We offer a beautiful setting for bringing your out-of-town visitors, or to stroll with a special person. Bring your children to explore the wonders of nature, as there is always something new to discover around the next bend in the path.


Most weekends feature a program or event, and while many will focus on Mississippi’s native plants or home landscaping, others will celebrate an aspect of the history and culture of our region. These activities provide both a learning and social opportunity for community members. We’ve witnessed new friendships bloom here, as those with common interests become engaged in lively conversations.


The community of Pearl River County has provided support for the Arboretum ever since the early 1980’s when the planning and design of the site began. Over the years, the Arboretum continues to draw to it those persons in this community who enjoy experiencing the natural world.


Over the years, many community members have given us their generous gift of time. As volunteers, they continue to assist with events, conducting programs, and helping with routine tasks such as garden and site maintenance. Without their assistance, we would simply not be able to do all that we do.


The holidays have provided us with time to think back on those persons who have contributed their time and talents to the Arboretum’s activities, allowing others to learn through their particular passion. Sadly, the community recently lost one of these exceptional persons.


Dot Burge of the Henleyfield community was legendary for her activities with hummingbirds. A field day to her house to sit among these tiny birds as they hummed and chirped as they fed was an unforgettable experience. Dot generously shared her knowledge and passion with the community and the Arboretum’s members through the years, kindly opening her home for visits and allowing others to enjoy hummingbird feeding and banding activities. She will be genuinely missed.



While many in the community may have not yet discovered the Arboretum, many have been enriched by their connection with us. So, if you are one of those who has never visited the Crosby Arboretum, why not make a New Year’s resolution to visit, or volunteer at the Arboretum in 2014?


Teachers and homeschool educators will benefit from the a free “WILD About Plants” teachers’ workshop to be held at the Arboretum on , from , sponsored by the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. Learn about how to incorporate botany into the classroom, teaching subjects across the curriculum. CEU’s are available. Contact the office to pre-register.


Mark your calendar for our annual Forge Day event on , featuring blacksmithing and metalworking demonstrations by area craftsmen. Enjoy the demonstrations, or try your hand at the forge. The event is free for members, $5 for non-members, and $2 for non-members’ children.

The Arboretum will be open this week, with the exception of New Year’s Eve, and Day. For information call the Arboretum office at (601) 799-2311 or visit our website at edu