Republican Women of Greater Picayune

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bonnie Holland is is the director of the Republican Women of Greater Picayune.

Bonnie Holland is is the director of the Republican Women of Greater Picayune.

By Bonnie Holland

Welcome to the Republican Women’s monthly update on Republican news locally, state and nationally. This column’s forum is to keep the local community informed on some of the important events and legislation pending that concerns all of us in some form. The monthly information will be a product created from information gleaned from your state and national house and senate as well as county and city representation.

On the national level the 111th congress produced serious consequences to the conservative citizens in our country. The Affordable Care Act has begun to come to fruition with marked consequences. As this lumbering giant unfurls many people are losing coverage, others are unable to afford the coverage offered and the healthcare industry is recoiling in fear as to how this will play out. Medicaid expansion was to cover the citizens currently uninsured and the federal hospital compensation was to be rolled back. This compensation, known as disproportionate share (DISH) allows the healthcare facilities to remain solvent in many low-income areas. These facilities are very concerned about whether they can remain open without DISH. Many states are not initiating expanded Medicaid coverage due to concerns over the financial ramifications. The bill provides monetary compensation for states; however, states that have a high poverty rate are concerned about how long this coverage will be maintained. Many states cannot provide this expanded coverage and balance a budget, Mississippi being one of these. The Affordable Care Act and the consequences of this ill thought out health care reform will not be fully known for several years.

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On the state level the Voter ID law is now in place. Any citizen who does not have a valid ID and is eligible to vote can go to their local Circuit Clerk’s office, complete and sign a voter’s ID application. Their picture will be taken and their completed card will be mailed to them. Citizens who do not have transportation will have it provided to them through the Mississippi Department of Transportation. The state has entered into a contract with MDOT to provide the service. The number to call for this service will be released soon. The voter ID law will be initiated in 2014.

On the local level the next Republican Women’s meeting will be held on January 9th, 2014, 6:30pm at Crosby Library. Please make every effort to attend.

Bonnie is the director of the Republican Women of Greater Picayune.