Kids and players

Published 1:58 pm Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On Monday, I had the pleasure of riding along with the Picayune High School Maroon Tide football team as they went to visit students at the five elementary schools in the district.




It was great to see how excited the elementary school students were when the players walked through the double doors. Later when I was speaking to Pamela Pigott, the principal of West Side Elementary school, she told me how much her students look up to the players.




I think the “victory tour,” as I refer to it, was great for the football players and elementary school students.




These players are a representation of what hard work and dedication gets you in your young life. The players are being recognized and celebrated for their positive contributions to the community, which could ultimately inspire younger students to do something positive in the community.




You could tell from the looks on the young students’ faces that they look up to these players and their accomplishments. To the young students, the football team members are not just high school students, they’re superstars.




It was also nice to see the football players stop and hug their former teachers and principals. It shows these young people recognize the support and help they’ve received from people outside of their families.




The students weren’t the only ones excited to see the players. There were some teachers that I think were more excited then the students.




After the “victory tour” ended at Nicholson Elementary, I got to witness the players relax and have fun. The boys burst through the doors and raced to get to the playground equipment.




In that moment, they became little kids just goofing off and being boys. They weren’t state champions; they were just high school boys enjoying their time together.




At the end of the day, I don’t know who got more out of the experience, the players, the students or the teachers, but it was definitely a wonderful moment for all involved and I’m glad I was there to witness it.