Storms make historical impact

Published 11:30 am Saturday, November 16, 2013

This column is designated for economic development issues in and around the county. But at this time I feel it a huge burden to discuss the the parallels between Katrina, which impacted the entire region economically and every other area that could be impacted.

For us longtime residents of south Mississippi and Louisiana it is near impossible not to make comparisons between the destructive storm that hit the Phillipines and the experiences of August of 2005. Both storms certainly changed the lives of many residents of both areas. For the residents of that lived through Katrina, Haiyan will certainly be a benchmark in their lives.
One thing is for sure, most of us benefitted from the many charitable organizations that mobilized and supplied necessary items in the immediate days after the storm. Ice, water, food, dry goods and other supplies were trucked in from other areas. Without the work of these organizations, many more lives could have been lost.
There are many charitable organizations participating in the relief effort for the victims of Haiyan.  CNN has catalogued many of the international agencies that are providing relief services to the many in need. These organizations can be found at

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