Signage being addressed

Published 11:29 am Saturday, November 16, 2013

 Rotarian and Picayune City Manager Jim Luke was the speaker for the Tuesday meeting at Paul’s Pastry. Luke announced the formation of a new committee to address and help advise on sign and facade ordinances inside city limits.
“I have had outside groups assess the city for three years who all came back with similar comments on how signage effects our community’s impression to visitors,” said Luke. “We are looking for ways to grow and these illegal signs serve as a detraction to our efforts in beautification.”
The chair of the committee is Father Jon Filkins of Saint Barnabus Anglican Church. Filkins had experience with signage from participation on a similar committee when he lived in Phoenix, Ariz. Filkins presented a PowerPoint presentation of both illegal signs and legal signage throughout Picayune.
“We are always interviewing for the job of becoming someone’s new site for commercial development or home town,” said Filkins. “Our city aesthetics are parallel to our interview suit. Up until now, primarily due to signage, we have been interviewing in old work clothes as opposed to a nice new suit. We simply must do better if we are going to achieve our potential.”
Filkins showed examples of banners, bandit and baby bandit signs, as well as feather signs.
“Temporary signs are not legal in city limits without going through proper channels and paying fees for a temporary period of time,” said Filkins. “Banners are not allowed in city limits. Mobile signs are also not allowed in city limits. If it is temporary, it simply doesn’t work.
“We are developing our own history and this will shape our future. We are forming our own culture and we must do it the right way for growth and prosperity in our area.”

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