Letter to the Editor

Published 12:00 pm Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Editor:

Equality and Fairness can only be achieved from free enterprise opportunities, and the moral and fiscal values and principles of the constitution. During President Obama’s four years in office this administration has attacked business with excessive regulations and ignored the checks of congress in order to grow government and the welfare state. The names of their bills to promote jobs and the public good have opposite consequences from their meaning. The Affordable Care Act is not affordable; the stimulus bill was a pork bonanza that did not stimulate; The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act did not create shovel ready jobs, only expensive signs along the highways. At this time when these policies have weakened the economy and unemployment is the highest in 35 years we are once again confronted with another debt ceiling resolution and Barack Obama refuses to be serious about a $17 trillion debt and a bad health care bill opposed by 70 percent of the American people. Supreme Court justice John Roberts wrongfully interpreted the intent of the commerce clause in order to claim its constitutionality.

President Obama is warning that a default on our debt would be the Republicans fault. This is fear mongering and intimidation because the government takes in 250 billion dollars a month in taxes, spends around 10 billion a day, and the interest on the debt is 30 billion. The president is the only one who can allow a default. He has the power to allocate. The situation now is bad posturing.

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Patricia Weir Wilkes