Published 12:00 pm Saturday, July 27, 2013

I’m writing this column reminiscing about how on July 24, 1990, I welcomed my own baby boy into the world at RAF Lakenheath in England. We didn’t have camera crews outside our hospital and a watching world audience to greet; what we had was far better.

We had a tiny village named Sutton in the Isle that was home to us for the four years we lived in England. These people loved us and watched over our little family, as if we were one of their own. There was sense of community that I was not to discover again until I stumbled on a little town in Miss., called Picayune.

This week’s words refer to items the new royal baby will be using and their American translations. See if you can guess the proper match while drinking a nice cuppa.

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1. Nappy

When someone refers to the royal’s nappy, are they referring to his:

A. Mid-morning sleep

B. Diaper

C. Mid-morning feeding

2. Wind

The new royal has the wind. Does he have:

A. Pacifier

B. Gas

C. A special swing which automatically winds itself

3. Grizzle

All babies grizzle at some point. When they do this, are they:

A. Teething

B. Drooling

C. Fussy and prone to cry

4. Dummy

The infant royal will definitely have more than one in his life. Is it:

A. Pacifier

B. Stuffed animal

C. A special blanket

5. Flannel

Most babies have their very own flannels. Will the young royal have:

A. Special set of sheets

B. Nightdress

C. Washcloth

Answer to question 1:

The newest royal will no doubt have brand manufacturers vying to be the offical provider of his nappies. These are what we know as diapers. While watching the coverage by various major television affiliates, it was remarked by more than one how the future king will not wear the traditional cloth diapers, just as his father did not. Answer B was the correct choice.

Answer to question 2:

If the future king has “wind” it is definitely a case of intestinal gas. Most babies deal with it as they incorporate new foods and their systems get used to the digestion process. Answer B was the correct choice.

Answer to question 3:

If the king-to-be is grizzling, he is being fussy and prone to cry. He could either have wind or need a new nappy. Answer C was the correct choice.

Answer to question 4:

The young royal will no doubt have more than one dummy in his life. This particular dummy is a pacifier. Answer A was the correct choice.

Answer to question 5:

Flannels are a lifelong necessity. When someone refers to the infant’s flannel, they are referring to his washcloth. Answer C was the correct choice.