Police arrest child welfare suspect

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, April 20, 2013

According to court records filed in Picayune’s Municipal Court, Deborah Rossomando has been found not guilty of the charges listed in the story below.

Officers with the Picayune Police Department investigated a case where a child was left in a vehicle, and a case where a man being arrested for disorderly conduct attempted to strike the officer.

The child welfare case began as a welfare check in the parking lot of Wal-Mart where an employee noticed a child left alone in a locked vehicle, said Assistant to the Chief of Police Jeremy Magri.

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When officers arrived, they spoke with the employee who said that based on observation, the child had been left in the locked vehicle for at least half an hour and with the mother of the child who had come out of the store prior to the officer’s arrival, Magri said.

The mother, 30-year-old Deborah Rossomando, of 32388 Anner Rd., told the officer she was only in the store for five minutes, Magri said. When the officer asked why she left the child, who is two-years-old, in the vehicle she replied that she was only in the store for a short time and she had locked the door and left the air on, Magri said.

After the officer asked for her driver’s license, she went into the car to retrieve it, at which time the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, Magri said. Consent to search the vehicle was granted and in the search the officer located a bag of what appeared to be marijuana in the vehicle’s center console along with two glass pipes containing burnt residue, Magri said.

Rossomando was charged with child neglect, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle and the child was turned over to the custody of the state Department of Human Services, Magri said. The $163 in Rossomando’s possession was seized, Magri said.

In a separate case, an officer who pulled into Mickey’s #2 observed a truck pull in and park inappropriately close to the store’s entrance, Magri said. The officer observed the driver, later identified as 22-year-old Jared Loveless of 336 Liberty Rd., enter the business and purchase a six pack of beer, Magri said.

As Loveless left the store, the officer asked to see Loveless’ driver’s license and detected the odor of intoxicating beverage coming from his person, Magri said. Loveless was unable to provide a driver’s license saying it was left at home, Magri said.

During the conversation with Loveless, the officer saw him pick up his phone and call someone. After several requests by the officer to put down the phone and Loveless refused, the officer attempted to place him under arrest for disorderly conduct failure to comply, but Loveless swung at the officer and struggled with him, Magri said.

Loveless was able to break free from the officer and flee towards the nearby highway, Magri said. The officer gave chase and caught up with the man as Loveless fell before reaching the highway, Magri said. Loveless continued to fight the arresting officer at which time another officer arrived to assist, helping with Loveless being taken into custody, Magri said.

Loveless was charged with driving while license suspended, resisting arrest by fleeing, resisting arrest by fighting and disorderly conduct failure to comply, Magri said.

The officer conducted a field sobriety test, which did not lead to the charge of DUI.