Picayune police make drug arrests

Published 12:00 pm Friday, April 26, 2013

Picayune Police investigated a suspicious person case, a juvenile in possession of controlled substances and some traffic stops that led to drug charges.

Assistant to the Chief of Police Jeremy Magri said on April 19, officers were alerted to a suspicious person walking in the Woods neighborhood. Officers responded to the area to find 29-year-old Christopher Weidert walking along Angler Drive, Magri said.

At first Weidert gave a false name, and upon questioning as to the nature of his presence in the area, he said he was walking to a friend’s home, Magri said.

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The officer took Weidert to the alleged friend’s home, but upon arrival, the residents of the home did not know the man, Magri said. A search of his person found three silver necklaces, rolling papers, a bag of suspected marijuana and a burnt hand rolled cigarette suspected to contain marijuana, Magri said.

Once the officer determined Weidert’s real name, it was discovered he had an outstanding warrant with the Mississippi Department of Corrections, Magri said. He was charged with providing false identifying information to an officer, possession of a controlled substance, and a hold was placed on him with MDOC for the warrant, Magri said.

He said the origin of the necklaces is still being investigated.

On April 18, officers were sent to Bogan Circle in reference to a possible burglary. When they arrived at the home, located at 1500 Bogan Circle Apt. M-2, they requested consent to search the home, Magri said. While no signs of burglary were noted, officers located a 14-year-old male juvenile in a room with an ashtray containing two burnt hand rolled cigarettes, suspected of containing marijuana, Magri said.

A plastic bag also was found in the home containing several Hydrocodone pills, leading the juvenile to be charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance and released to his father’s care, Magri said.

Also in the apartment at the time of the search was 34-year-old Charmaine McDonald of 3336 Jackson Landing Rd., who was found to be trespassing on public housing property. He was charged with trespassing, Magri said.

A traffic stop for careless driving on Memorial Boulevard on Monday brought officers into contact with 26-year-old Maryailleen Loveless and 19-year-old Bobby Hayden, both of 138 Elmer Lee Rd., Carriere, Magri said.

While speaking with Loveless, who was the driver, the officer could smell the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle, prompting the officer to ask her to get out of the vehicle, Magri said. After consent to search the vehicle was granted, the officer found a small container between the center console and the driver’s seat containing burnt, hand-rolled cigarettes containing suspected marijuana, Magri said. The passenger, Hayden, was then requested to get out of the vehicle, Magri said. Continued search of the vehicle found a bag of what was believed to be marijuana in the glove box, Magri said.

Loveless was charged with no insurance, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, and careless driving, while Hayden was charged with possession of marijuana, Magri said.

On April 19, an officer on patrol along U.S. Highway 11 conducted a stop on a northbound vehicle for no seatbelt, Magri said. During the stop the officer approached the passenger side of the vehicle and spoke with 22-year-old Jocelyne Mitchell of 205 Fifth Ave., Apt. A-2, Magri said.

The officer noticed Mitchell appeared to be acting nervously while grabbing at her private area, prompting the officer to request she exit the vehicle, Magri said. As she did, the officer noticed a bulge in her crotch, Magri said. When asked about the protrusion, Mitchell said it was medical in nature, Magri said. A female officer was called out to help conduct a search of Mitchell and in that search the female officer located two packets of synthetic marijuana, Magri said.

Mitchell was taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance, while the driver of the vehicle was issued a verbal warning for not wearing a seatbelt, Magri said.

On Monday, officers responding to a complaint of a reckless driver on U.S. Hwy. 11, saw a maroon van matching the description given of the vehicle in the complaint heading north, Magri said. A stop was conducted and the officer came in to contact with 47-year-old Robert Hudson of 483 Harry Sones Rd., and 44-year-old Stephanie Donald of 11 Harry Sones Rd., Magri said.

The officer determined Hudson was driving on a suspended license for failure to appear and noticed Donald’s eyes were bloodshot, Magri said. Both were asked to get out of the vehicle and consent to search the vehicle was granted, Magri said.

The officer found four Xanax and Seroquel pills in Donald’s purse along with a bag of green leafy substance in a bag believed to be marijuana, Magri said. In the center console were two cigarette packs, each containing a hand-rolled cigarette believed to contain marijuana, Magri said.

Hudson was charged with possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle and driving while license suspended, and Donald was charged with possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of a controlled substance for the prescription medications, Magri said.