Domestic violence resources are available locally

Published 1:00 pm Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Picayune Police Department Capt. Constance Myers handles domestic violence issues, which is the category teen dating violence falls under.

She says that victims should call the police department to report acts of violence.

“When there is a domestic issue we have a packet at the department that we give them with all information like: Victim’s Bill of Rights, our information, prosecution process, etc. There is a form to be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office which may be able to assist them with medical bills. It is a lot of information which covers a wide spectrum of issues.

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“The main thing we tell them is no one deserves to be beat. It is not a fault thing. Many feel that it is their fault for some reason,” says Capt. Myers.

“We are always here for them, even if they are unable to bring themselves to leave at that time. Statistics show that an abused person may go back to their abuser as many as seven times before they finally get the courage to leave.

“People who love them give up on them before that and they need to always remember that their support network is vital. We are only one part of that network. Loved ones must not give up on the person being abused.”

The Picayune Police Department is located at 328 S Main Street and can be reached at 601-798-4682.