X-Finity Dance Academy shines in competition

Published 1:00 pm Saturday, February 23, 2013

The X-Factor Competition Group is in its second year of establishment and second year of competition season.

The competition group started learning routines in December 2012 to prepare for the new season. The X-Factor competitors traveled to their first dance competition in Hattiesburg on Feb.1-2. There were a total of 22 studios that competed at Dance Teachers United at the Lake Terrace Convention Center. The competition group consists of dancers from the age of 3 to 19 years of age. The majority of the competition students are in their first or second year of dance and are already receiving top scores and overalls.

 Scores were: Jenna Kinkella – Diamond Award, Overall Soloist and Top Petite Soloist out of  40 petite soloist entries (Judges Special award for the most fierce dancer), Jamara Wilson – Platinum Award, 2nd overall Petite Acro-Soloist out of 40 entries. Taylor DiGange – Platinum Award; Ana Emelio – Gold Award; Camile Lee – Gold Award; Patricia Bolar – Diamond Award, out of 45 Junior Solos; Isabella Clunan – Platinum Award out of 45 Junior Solos; Jade Long – PlatinumTeen Pointe Soloist out of 37; Victoria Nunez – 6th overall Senior Soloist out of 20;  “Omigod” – Platinum Award, Top Overall Petite Small Group out of 14; “God’s Hand” – Diamond Award, 5th overall Junior Small Group out of 21; “Alabaster Box” – Platinum Award, 2nd Overall Junior Large Group out of 26; “Where’s Dorothy?” – 2nd Overall Petite Duo/Trio out of 8; “Tutti Frutti” – Gold Award Junior Duo/Trio; “Diamonds” – Platinum Award, Senior Duo/Trio; “Party People” – 6th Overall Teen Small Group, Diamond Award out of 19; “Forbidden” – Platinum Award,  Senior Small Group; “MmmHmm” – 6th Overall, Diamond Award, Teen Large Group out of 20; “Circle of Life” – 3rd Overall Production, Diamond Award.

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This competition held a convention with over 400 student participants. X-Finity received the most scholarships out of the convention with only 15 scholarships being awarded during the convention.

X-Finity dancers received seven scholarship participants who are: Taylor DiGange, Ballet/Jazz, KaDeidra Ducre, Jazz; Camille Lee, Jazz; Jade Long, Jazz; Patricia Bolar, Tap; Keeshon Porter, Ballet; Jenna Kinkella, Jazz.

Kurt Collins was selected as a demonstrator in tap and Isabella Clunan and Caroline Nelson were selected for the Al-seconde turns contest and as technique demonstrators. All of the students demonstrated professionalism and talent at the competition and convention. We are proud of the dancers for really giving 100 percent effort during this weekend.