Police department makes several arrests

Published 6:02 pm Tuesday, February 26, 2013

While conducting a traffic stop, investigating suspicious people and checking into reports of residential burglaries, officers with the Picayune Police Department found a few drug violations.

Assistant to the Chief of Police Jeremy Magri said the first case began on Feb. 15, just after 9 p.m. when an officer pulled over a vehicle for having only one working headlight.

During the stop the officer spoke with the driver, 45-year-old Denise Howell of 123 Lakeview Dr., Carriere, who was found to be driving with a suspended license, Magri said. The officer also noticed a half gallon jug containing daiquiri, prompting the officer to ask her to get out of the vehicle.

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A search of the vehicle, with the owner’s consent, found a Styrofoam cup containing more daiquiri and a container with marijuana, Magri said. Howell was charged with driving while license suspended, no insurance, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, improper equipment for the burned out headlight, expired tag and possession of bonded whiskey.

On Feb. 19, the department received a complaint about a suspicious person looking into vehicles parked at public housing. Magri said the public housing officer was sent to check out the complaint and came into contact with Brian Goods, 31, of 706 West St.

When the officer spoke with Goods, a pat down was conducted where the officer found a hand-rolled cigarette containing what was believed to be marijuana. The officer called for backup and as he did so, Goods grabbed the contraband from the officer’s hand and fled on foot, Magri said.

The public housing officer pursued and attempted to detain Goods, but he continued to resist. Back-up arrived and saw the scuffle between Goods and the officer and also attempted to detain Goods, eventually leading the officer to pull his electronic control device, or Taser, and demand Goods comply or he would be Tased, Magri said.

Another officer arrived to help detain Goods, but he continued to resist as the officers attempted to place him on the ground, prompting the officer to discharge the ECD, at which point Goods became compliant, Magri said. Goods was then charged with possession of a controlled substance, disorderly conduct, public drunk and resisting arrest by fighting, Magri said.

On Sunday, officers were sent to the area of Ponderosa in response to a residential burglary that occurred on Nina Drive. Officers spoke with the complainant, who said she received a phone call from a neighbor who saw suspicious people exiting her home. when the complainant arrived, she noticed the window air conditioning unit had been removed, but no items in her home were damaged or missing, Magri said. Descriptions of the suspects seen leaving her home were provided to the officers on duty, and while on patrol, one of the officers saw a person fitting the description of a possible suspect, Magri said.

As the officer got out of his patrol vehicle to speak with the man, who was standing by the garage of his home at 2704 Victoria Dr., the man began to run into the garage upon seeing the officer, Magri said. The officer demanded the man — later identified as 42-year-old Brian Taylor — stop, Magri said. He said Taylor ignored the officer’s request and continued to run into the garage and threw an unknown object from his pocket into a corner of the garage before attempting to enter the home. Magri said Taylor was apprehended near the door in the garage and detained.

While detaining Taylor, Magri said the officer could smell burning marijuana coming from inside the home as another suspect, 52-year-old Derrick Taylor left the home. Additional officers and detectives were called to the scene, Magri said. Derrick Taylor was taken into investigative custody while the officer recovered the item thrown into the corner of garage, which turned out to be a plastic baggy containing crack cocaine, Magri said.

A search of Brian Taylor’s person found $995 in cash, which was seized due to the suspicion the money was obtained through the sale of drugs, Magri said. A search warrant was secured for the home and in the search officers found five cell phones, Canadian coins and gun primers believe to have been taken to be in burglaries, Magri said. The items obtained in the search are being checked against items taken in other recent burglaries, Magri said.

Further searching of the home found a set of digital scales, hand scales and a flashlight that contained pipes with wire mesh that appeared to contain residue from the consumption of crack cocaine in Derrick Taylor’s bedroom, Magri said.

Derrick Taylor was charged with possession of paraphernalia while Brian Taylor was charged with possession of a controlled substance (crack cocaine) with intent to distribute within 1,500 feet of a church, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest by fleeing, Magri said.