Dewitt L. Bolton, M.D.

Published 2:00 pm Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dr. Bolton established his primary practice in Picayune, in 1964, after completing his medical training in 1961. He served the community for 42 years before retiring in 2006 to take care of his ailing wife.

Retirement left a big hole in his life and shortly thereafter he became Medical Director for Manna Medical Clinic as a volunteer. He has served in that position since 2006.

Manna Director Jameye Martin says, “I adore him. His contribution to this community while in his practice is well established as being a beloved primary care physician and friend to hundreds of his patients, that reputation continues as he wholeheartedly gives back to others as volunteer Medical Director and staff physician at Manna Medical Clinic.

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“Manna Medical Clinic is the only free clinic in this area. His expertise has been an invaluable component to the clinic in the development of programs and protocols of patient care.  His commitment and dedication to serve the medically uninsured/underserved population stands as a beacon to the communities served by the free medical clinic.”

Bolton, who has 6 children and 8 grandchildren, continues to be active in golf, biking, traveling and is an avid reader. But all of that can’t replace the everyday interaction with his patients, whom he misses.

“I love to be around people; I still see some of my patients through Manna and it makes me so happy to keep the connections,” says Bolton.

In addition to his patients, Bolton also keeps close to the staff who comes through Manna

Gina Rivero, FNP, says, “I met him as a volunteer at (Manna); he took me under his wing and mentored me. I am extremely blessed to have him in my life. Everywhere we go, he is like a rock star. People come up to tell him how they miss him as a healthcare provider and how they wish he still had his practice. He is truly amazing.”

Rivero says Bolton’s mantra that he lives by is a poem written by Australian poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon, which reads:  

“Life is mostly froth and bubble,

Two things stand like stone,

Kindness in another’s trouble,

Courage in your own.”

“Dr. Bolton truly lives that poem,” she says.

Bolton most recently finished reading “The Harbinger,” by Jonathan Cahn, Frontline Pub Inc (January 3, 2012). A book which he highly recommends.

He says that he most wants people to know that Picayune is a wonderful place to live and has the most wonderful people to be found anywhere.

“Once people move here, they don’t often leave,” he says.