Isaac showed any storm can be dangerous, officials ready

Published 2:45 am Wednesday, September 5, 2012

As if to compensate for its ranking as a Category 1 storm, Hurricane Isaac stuck around until its wind and rain and storm surge had time to make a lasting impression across the Coast.

Isaac was definitely a reminder that a tropical storm system of any category can be both deadly and destructive and disruptive — especially if conditions permit it to linger and relentlessly pummel the same area with gusts and downpours.

The storm also showed that public officials and agencies at every level are much better prepared to deal with a tropical threat than prior to Hurricane Katrina.

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The private sector also seemed to smoothly transition from business-as-usual to batten-down-the-hatches.

There were, as there doubtless always will be, a few instances of poor judgment by some boaters and residents of low-lying areas who refused to evacuate.

Still, even if Isaac served a purpose as a test of the Coast’s resolve and resources, we are more than glad to finally be rid of him.