Tip on keeping the faith at college

Published 3:22 pm Friday, August 17, 2012

When young Christian adults move away for college, they are often also leaving behind the strong religious foundations built at home. How can college students, eager to explore their independence, maintain their faith once they’ve settled into their new home away from home, especially on a college campus?

According to Ashley Reccord, ChristianMingle Community Manager, it’s all about continuing to strengthen your most important relationship–the one you have with God–through surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, who share the same Christian values. Ashley offers the following advice to encourage college students to continue growing in their walk with God despite living in a new and tempting environment.

— Join a Church – There are few better places to strengthen your relationship with the Lord than at a church. Take time to explore different congregations even if that means migrating a few miles off campus. Finding a church that best fits you is crucial to your happiness instead of rushing to join a church that’s more convenient. It might feel strange to go to an unfamiliar church at first, but give it time.

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— Locate On-Campus Christian Organizations – Embracing a new set of Christian friends on campus will help build a solid social foundation for your college career. There are plenty of like-minded Christian individuals taking part in faith-based groups, such as Campus Crusade for Christ. Skim through the lists of student organizations and attend a few meetings to determine what Christian organization is the right one for you.

— Join an Online Christian Community – When you are ready to begin dating, consider exploring faith-based online dating sites, to meet compatible single Christian students near your college campus.

— Volunteer for a Christian Non-Profit Organization – Giving back to your new community is a great reminder of how fortunate and blessed you are. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals, who value service and giving to those in need.