Other cutbacks should be considered as well as tax hikes

Published 3:34 pm Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Board of Supervisors is facing an approximately $1 million decline in revenue as compared to last year, prompting them to  consider tax increases or budget cuts to overcome the shortfall.

They are currently holding budget discussions in order to have the budget adopted by October 1st. Strangely absent from the discussions are the cuts that provide the greatest cost savings in any organization, whether it’s government or private business, employee reduction.

Government layoffs usually imply an automatic corresponding reduction of services. This is not the case in private industry. It’s common practice to distribute the work previously performed among those remaining to ensure schedules and deadlines are met. First line management understands that personnel reductions mean they have the responsibility to do more with less. Unlike government’s philosophy, do less with less.   

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I’m not promoting layoffs. But, in my mind it’s hard to justify forcing homeowners to pay more in taxes on a home that is assessed at a lower value. Therefore, if raising taxes is an option under these unfair conditions, then layoffs and all options should be equally considered, especially when the 2001 headcount of 140 employees has gown to the current count of 240, an increase of 71 pct.

Jeff H. Smith,