Community complaint leads officers to synthetic marijuana

Published 4:02 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A community complaint about loud music at what appeared to be a party led Picayune police officers to the discovery of synthetic marijuana and some bonded whiskey.

The complaint was made just after 11 p.m. on July 22.

The complaint was about loud music, a number of illegally parked cars and a vehicle racing up and down the street along Camellia Cove, said Capt. Chad Dorn.

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Officers could hear squealing tires and a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed when they arrived in the area, the police captain said. Dorn said when the officers saw the vehicle, it skidded to a stop. Officers cited the driver, 21-year-old Zachary Holifield of 23220 Whitfield Rd., for running a stop sign and sent him on his way, Dorn said. Holifield appeared to be leaving the home with the loud music, Dorn said.

Officers proceeded to the home at 1405 Camellia Cove, from which the loud music was coming, and saw the home’s occupant, 21-year-old Taylor Poole, outside the home, Dorn said. Poole, upon seeing the officers approaching, began to walk quickly toward the front door prompting the officers to demand that he stop. Poole failed to heed the officer’s demand, and entered the home anyway, Dorn said.

Officers entered the home where they could see an SKS assault rifle sitting on the entertainment center next to the door, Dorn said. The weapon was secured and talked with Poole, the police captain said. Dorn said the officers noticed alcoholic beverages scattered throughout the home. Several other males, some of whom were younger than 21, were also inside the home, Dorn said.

Due to the suspected underage drinking, officers secured from Poole consent to search the home, Dorn said. Officers found a glass pipe, a ceramic smoking pipe and several packets of synthetic marijuana, Dorn said. None of the occupants of the home claimed ownership of the pipes or the packets of controlled substance. Several bottles of liquor were confiscated, including Jagermeister, Jack Daniels and Crown Royal, Dorn said.

A search of the people in the home also uncovered a bag of marijuana on 21-year-old Nicholas Forbes, of 4 Firefly Lane, Dorn said. He was charged with possession of synthetic marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession of bonded whiskey, Dorn said.

Poole was charged with possession of bonded whiskey and possession of synthetic marijuana, Dorn said.

Five other people at the home, 20-year-old Lance Powers of 93 Openwood Dr., West, Carriere; 19-year-old Alex Brasington of 127 Hidden Oaks Dr.; 21-year-old Jebar Locure of 27 S. Ridge Lane, Carriere, and 19-year-old Walter Taylor of 204 Hampton Dr., Slidell, La., were all charged with possession of bonded whiskey and possession of synthetic marijuana, Dorn said.