Irresponsible animal owners need to take stock

Published 1:57 pm Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear Editor,

Irresponsible animal owners are in a “class” by themselves.

A few weeks ago a dog came up to me while I was at my mailbox. The dog was in pitiful condition but had a collar on. I called the number on the collar and spoke to the name on the collar. After I identified the dog by her markings, I was told, “Oh, yeah she is an old dog and could not get along with the rest of the dogs in the pen so we turned her out.”

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What? Really? I wonder if this irresponsible animal owner would turn his family pet out because it could not get along, or turn out a prize herd bull or a thoroughbred race horse for the same reason. I think not. I am saddened for the animal because, obviously, at one time she measured up to the owner’s standards, and now because she does not, instead of taking care of her and providing her a safe haven or putting her down which makes me nauseous to even put in print, he turned her out to fend for herself. If she could not hold her own in a pen, what in the world makes Mr. Irresponsible Animal Owner think she would survive outside the possibly only world she has ever known.

I guess Mr. Irresponsible Animal Owner thought someone would take her in and see to her. You know who you are Mr. Irresponsible Animal Owner.

Sharon Ladner, Poplarville