Deputies made arrests in several burglaries and worked 7 narcotics cases

Published 1:32 am Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two juveniles were charged with a rash of burglaries in the northern part of the county while the narcotics division dealt with seven drug-related cases.

The juveniles, both 17-year-old males, were arrested on July 17, after the department received information about their involvement in several burglaries that occurred on Old Wiggins Highway and on Springhill Road in the Poplarville area, said Chief Deputy Shane Tucker.

Information obtained in the investigation led investigators to arrest the two juveniles, who were found to be in possession of a lot of stolen property from several burglaries in that area, Tucker said. He said the property included stolen firearms, swords, knives, tools, jewelry and stereo equipment.

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Investigators are still trying to locate the owners of some of the recovered items, he said. Tucker said the investigation shows the juveniles could be responsible for at least six burglaries in those areas. Tucker asks any one who lives in those areas to report any missing items to the Sheriff’s Department at 601-403-2500 to see if the Sheriff’s Department has them.

Narcotics investigators also probed seven cases that involved the illegal sale of drugs or possession of drugs, the chief deputy said.

On June 22, investigators went to the home of 42-year-old Kimberly Loveless at 216 Jeff Wheat Rd., to serve her with two warrants for sale of a controlled substance, Tucker said. Prior to serving the warrants, investigators also received a tip of possible methamphetamine production occurring at the home, the chief deputy said. Tucker said investigators found three other people at the home — 18-year-old Matthew Loveless and 30-year-old Angela Prescott, both of 216 Jeff Wheat Rd., and 19-year-old Destin Hinton of 444 Jacobs Rd., Poplarville.

Investigators saw activity at the home that prompted a search, during which they found evidence of methamphetamine being produced, used and sold in the home, Tucker said. The search also uncovered evidence of children playing near precursor chemicals and in environments where methamphetamine was being manufactured, Tucker said. Kimberly Loveless, Matthew Loveless, Prescott and Hinton were all charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of precursor chemicals, generation of hazardous waste and child endangerment, the chief deputy said.

Kimberly Loveless was charged additionally with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and the two sales of a controlled substance warrants.

On June 27, investigators stopped a vehicle for making an improper turn, Tucker said. He said the driver, 25-year-old Jules Norra III, of 60 Broadway Circle, appeared to be extremely nervous, which led to a search of the vehicle. Investigators found 75 Lortab pills, a schedule II controlled substance, Tucker said. Norra was charged with improper turn and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, the chief deputy said.

On July 13, during a traffic stop for an expired tag, deputies discovered the suspected sale of prescription medication. Tucker said when the investigator talked to the driver of the vehicle, 54-year-old Anthony C. Stevens, of 9151 Road 226, he learned Stevens and three other occupants of the car — 52-year-old Jimmy P. Murphy of 106 Jordan McQueen Rd., 51-year-old Jo I. McLeman of 9151 Road 226 and 73-year-old Ruby S. Williamson of 106 Jordan McQueen Rd. — had just come from a pharmacy where a Lorcet prescription was filled. Detective Rob Williams noticed about half of the pills in the prescription were already missing, Tucker said.

Tucker said Stevens was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Murphy, McLeman and Williamson will have evidence concerning their possible involvement presented to the grand jury, Tucker said, which will decide whether or not to indict them.

On July 12, complaints concerning the use and sale of prescription medication sent investigators to the home of 43-year-old Dennis Eugene Morris, at 4 Firefly Lane. Tucker said investigators spoke with Morris and asked for consent to search his home, which was granted. Investigators found some Oxycodone, marijuana, 22 and a half pills of Alprozolam, Tucker said. Investigators found Morris had a bedridden uncle and his elderly father living with him and that he was allegedly taking their medication, the chief deputy said.

Morris was charged with possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, possession of a schedule II controlled substance and with a failure to appear warrant.

On July 18, investigators stopped a vehicle for careless driving and found 28-year-old Melissa Clontz at the wheel, Tucker said. The chief deputy said she is a self-professed member of a gang called the Simon City Royals, which he described as the most prevalent gang in the county. Investigators found Clontz had outstanding warrants for speeding and for driving while license suspended, Tucker said. A search of her car found she was in possession of methamphetamine, Adderall pills, a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine and several hundred dollars in cash, Tucker said.

Clontz was charged with two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, careless driving and the two traffic warrants, Tucker said.

Also on July 18, Joe Quave stopped 45-year-old Bobby R. Mayes at mile marker 19 on Interstate 59 for following too closely. Tucker said Mayes, of 410 Pine St., Lumberton, appeared to be very nervous, which prompted Quave to call Williams to the scene with his K-9. The K-9 circled the vehicle and alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle, the chief deputy said. Williams found 35 pseudoephedrine pills in the vehicle, which are believed to have been acquired with the intent of manufacturing methamphetamine, Tucker said.

Mayes and his passenger, 40-year-old Wendell W. Yates, were both charged with possession of a schedule II controlled substance with intent to manufacture methamphetamine, the chief deputy said.

Evidence collected during that stop prompted investigators to go to Mayes’ home on Pine Street, where they found another resident of the home, 41-year-old Julie Mayes, along with 37-year-old Chris Mayes of 135 Flagstaff Rd., Lumberton. Based on the information found when Bobby Mayes was stopped, his home was searched and investigators found precursor chemicals and a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

Both Julie Mayes and Chris Mayes were charged with possession of precursor chemicals and possession of marijuana, Tucker said.