County named as ‘hot spot’ for land forfeitures, but there’s more to the picture

Published 3:00 pm Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pearl River County tax assessor-collector Gary Beech said most of the land forfeitures that have gone to the state here comes from three subdivisions that have a large number of small lots not serviced by community sewer or water.

“Most of that is in Lake Hillsdale, Pearl River Lake Estates and Camp-A-Go-Go on Wolf River,” said Beech. Those are residential rural land developments.

Beech said property on which taxes are not paid, go into the August tax auction. Any property not purchased there, are what is called “struck,” or turned over, to the state. The state then owns it. The process is, if a piece of property is not sold at a tax sale and taxes are not paid in a three-year period, the property is “struck” to the state.

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