Community Business Advisory Council meets at Senior Center

Published 9:23 pm Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Community Business Advisory Council (CBAC) met at the Senior Center to discuss ongoing projects and new concerns. The Council had praise for the “Did You Know?” Seminar, which was held on April 20th at the Center. Approximately 75 senior citizens signed up to attend and over 90 senior citizens attended.

The council received literature on elder abuse which included information on: Neglect, financial abuse and exploitation, psychological and emotional abuse as well as physical or sexual abuse.

The Senior Snowflake project will once again be implemented for seniors to be anonymously adopted for Christmas by the public. Last year’s participation was beyond expectations and this year, the council hopes to include more businesses as tree sites and need more names of needy senior citizens to to put on snowflakes.

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It is not too early to contact the Senior Center to either put a company location on the list to host a snowflake tree or to put a name of a senior citizen to be adopted for Christmas.

Contact either Darlene Adams or Kathleen Penton, of the Senior Center, at 601-798-9892.