All in a day at Police Summer Camp: Campers learn about Flag Day and brush up on etiquette with Rotarians

Published 1:19 am Sunday, June 17, 2012

Police Summer Campers enjoy a week full of activities and education.

On Wednesday campers played BINGO at the Senior Center of Lower Pearl River Valley, had a lesson in etiquette and on the meaning of Flag Day from women of Picayune Rotary before finishing off their day with a trip to the bowling lanes.

Each summer the women of Picayune Rotary, under the leadership of Suzan Wilson, host a sit down meal with formal place settings for the campers. Wilson starts the session with a variety of scenarios and asks what the campers would do. She then tells them the correct way to handle the situation, if they do not already know.

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Captain Theresa Milar leads the camp each summer and said that the campers always ask if they get to do the manners lesson that year.

“They really enjoy it and they get a lot out of it,” Milar said.

Wilson says, “I work at a bank and wish I had a nickel for all of the times that either a parent or guardian came up to me and reported either how their child reprimanded them or drastically improved their manners at home.

“It’s very gratifying,” said Wilson.

Summer Camp counselor Kimi Herring said, “Etiquette class was awesome. I think the kids really learned a lot today about both etiquette and Flag Day. We all enjoyed it.”

Camper Christopher Odom, said, “I really enjoyed the class and I liked how they worked manners into everything.”

Chamber Director and Rotarian April Lovelace assisted with the event, along with Debbie Sharff. Jodi Marze and Rachel Cochran.

“I really believe that you are never too young or too old to learn proper etiquette. We are lucky to have a Rotarian like Suzan, who is so committed to teaching the proper way to do things and also a police department who cares about children in the community enough to put on a camp like this each summer,” said Lovelace.