Team Picayune update

Published 12:35 am Sunday, August 7, 2011

Team Picayune met on Wednesday to present the result of the planning committee’s findings and recommendations for a mission statement, which is as follows:

“The mission of Team Picayune is to coordinated the talents of business owners and civic organizations to accomplish the following:

1. Initiate a beautification effort to improve the gateways to Picayune’s business districts, and thereby create a positive first impression.

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2. Support economic development with an emphasis on retail and commercial business and specialty shops.

3. Encourage and invite new businesses that meet the needs of our community.

4. Identify tourist attractions and events for the purpose of promoting Picayune as a tourism destination.

5. Develop marketing strategies to promote Picayune’s growth and progress.”

Bill Edwards, business owner and committee chair, said, “This is a good beginning which will give the team a direction and a focus.”

April Holifield, business owner and committee member, said, “It will take time to do this, but if we follow it through we can accomplish a strong revitalization in Picayune, one step at a time.”