PRC county GOP voters went for Holliday, Reeves, split evenly between Hill and Albritton, and favored Smith over Lee

Published 7:05 pm Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here’s how Pearl River County electors voted for statewide and district offices. All returns are complete but unofficial.

On the GOP side, county voters favored for governor native son Hudson Holliday. Complete but unofficial returns were:  Holliday 4644 or 41 percent of votes cast; Phil Bryant 3893 or 35 percent; Ron Williams 1416 or 12 percent; Dave Dennis 894 or eight percent; and James Broadwater 252 or two percent. Bryant won the state GOP nomination. Holliday placed fourth in a five-man field overall.

In the tough race for lieutenant governor, county voters went for Reeves. Results were: Tate Reeves 58 percent or 6236 and Billy Hewes 4365 or 41 percent. Overall Reeves beat Hewes, the Senate Pro Tempore from Gulfport. Reeves is Secretary of State. Reeves faces a Reform Party challenger Nov. 8, but should have no trouble then.

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For Secretary of State, county voters favored incumbent Delbert Hosemann 7071, or 69 percent, to Ricky Dombrowski’s 3054 or 30 percent.

For State Treasurer, county electors favored Lucien Smith 4083 or 40 percent to Lynn Fitch’s 2954 or 28 percent and to Lee Yancey’s 3150 or 30 percent.

For Agricultural Commissioner, county voters favored Cindy Hyde-Smith 5228 or 50 percent to Max Phillips’ 3239 or 31 percent and Dannie Reed’s 1823 or 17 percent.

Public Service Commissioner Southern District: Leonard Bentz 5275 or 54 percent and Travis Rose 4429 or 45 percent. Bentz, however, will face stiff Democrat opposition on Nov. 8.

MDOT Commissioner Southern District: Scottie R. Cuevas 5724 or 57 percent and Tom King 4279 or 42 percent. Overall King won the GOP nomination.

State Senate District 40: Sid Albritton 2603, 44 percent; Mike “Duck” Griffith 649, 11 percent; and Angela Burks Hill 2621, 44 percent. This is just PRC returns. The district is also made up of portions of Walthall and Marion counties. Hill and Albritton are in a runoff on Aug. 23.

State Senate District 47: Ezell Lee 934, 42 percent, and Tonny Smith 1280, 57 percent. Overall Smith won. He is now the 47th District’s Senator-elect. He faces no other opposition.

State House District 93: Kent Alexander 106, 24 percent, and Timmy Ladner 332 or 75 percent. Ladner will face incumbent Democrat Dirk Dedeaux in the Nov. 8 election.

State House District 108: Mark Formby 4472, 81 percent, and Eddie Magee, 1001, 18 percent.

On the Democrat First Primary side, here’s how county voters cast ballots:

For governor: Johnny L. DuPree 819, 65 percent; Bill Luckett 139, 11 percent; W. Bond Compton, Jr., 184, 14 percent; and Guy Dale Shaw 92, 7 percent.

Public Service Commission Southern District: Mike Collier 496, 46 percent; Thomas “Tom” Blanton 320, 30 percent; and James M. Buckhaults 239, 22 percent.

On the local county level offices, only four Democrats ran for county offices.

Election officials estimated 20 percent of qualified electors turned out for the race. With 35,000 registered voters it was a dismal voting performance.