Women of Faith

Published 12:32 am Sunday, June 12, 2011

I was asked to write something for the “Women of Faith” column and was honored by the request. I consider being of faith just a normal way of life. The following is why I say this:

After her first daughter lived only two days, my mother prayed to the mother of Our Lord to ask her Son to allow her the grace of motherhood. She wanted to be a part of the miracle that God bestowed on only the females of any species. She knew how difficult it is for any son to deny a mother’s request.

Four months after the loss of her first daughter, my mother was blessed by my conception. She prayed to the Holy Trinity for a healthy strong baby and, in return, vowed that the child would wear the colors of Jesus’ mother for the first seven years of the child’s life. I was born that October and in every photo of me until my 7th birthday, there is visible in the scene a blue and white cord with tassels worn as a belt over my outfits, whether I was playing outside or dressed up for church or school.

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I was made known of her faith and told of Jesus’ blessing to my mother many times during my young life.

Aside from that I was surrounded by parents and grandparents who started or ended practically every sentence with “God Knows”; “God Loves You, Child”, “God Will Bless You”, “Pray to God”, “If God Spare’s Life”; and “Be Good, God is Watching You”. And this was not only part of life in my home, but in the homes of all my relatives, neighbors and friends.

I was taken to Mass every Sunday for as long as I can remember. When I got old enough to understand and learn the impact of our faith, I came in communion with the Eucharist. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were just a natural part of life. And I have always felt secure in that comfort.

Prayer was one of my first lessons in faith as well. I was taught that mankind was loved by God and that we could go to Him with any concern in our lives. I was told that even if our prayers weren’t answered, in the way we were expecting, they were still heard and answered by God’s will in ways that were best for us. Since God is everywhere and always hears our cries, I know that I can call out to Him at any time and I never forget to return to Him with prayers of gratitude.

I know that I would not have had or have been able to accomplish anything in my 61 years without the love, protection, and guidance of God and the assuring faith of those around me.

The Lord is there,

He is everywhere,

So why not share,

His love, His care.

Lift up your voice in air,

Know the Lord through prayer.