Nuisance dog disposed of

Published 2:48 pm Friday, June 24, 2011

A dog that has been a nuisance to residents along Cooper Road is  no longer a problem.

That dog, which has been terrorizing residents in subdivisions along Cooper Road for the past two years since its owner abandoned it, was captured by an individual on Wednesday.

Picayune Police Public Information Officer Capt. Chad Dorn said he received a report Wednesday that the dog became vicious with an individual that day and that the individual defended themselves, killing the dog. The animal’s remains have been sent off for rabies testing.

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Twelve Oaks resident Betsy Gobuzzi said the dog, described as a pitbull, had been roaming the area of Cooper Road for the past two years, and at times had been vicious. In the past two years the dog has had two litters, one of which Gobuzzi said she and her brother took to the local animal shelter. Recently the dog had a second litter of puppies, Gobuzzi said. Dorn did not have any information on the whereabouts of the puppies but suspects they are still in that area.

Gobuzzi told the Item Tuesday that she has tried several times to get the local animal control officer out to capture the animal, but they were unsuccessful.

She said Monday she received a call from a Woods resident who had been bitten by the dog while taking a morning walk. That neighbor also told Gobuzzi that another person in the same subdivision was bitten by the same dog the same day.

Dorn said the Police Department received a couple of calls that the dog had bitten people on Monday, but the callers declined to file a report.