Sheriff’s Office holds In Service on meth lab recognition for Highland Hospital staff

Published 1:30 am Sunday, May 22, 2011

An “In Service” was held for the employees at Highland Community Hospital on Meth Lab Recognition. Captain Donnie Saucier of the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department gave the presentation.

The goal of the class was to help employees be informed and armed with information to know what to look for in work and community environment.

Saucier said, “100 percent of the meth labs seized in Pearl River County over the past three years have been the “one pot’ or “shake & bake” method.”

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Common household ingredients are all that is needed to create the drug and plastic bottles are the “lab” of choice.

Capt. Saucier asked the staff to look out for burn piles with several plastic bottles and other items that could create the dangerous drug.

“People that do this won’t take the chance of just throwing it away where someone else could potentially discover it. So, they will usually burn it in their own yard,” he said.

He also warned of different concealment methods such as leaving the equipment at dumpsites for concealment.

“These days, the “lab” is a plastic bottle with some tubes which can be housed in a backpack. If you see a backpack laying around in a deserted area or in the woods, don’t touch it. Call us,” he advised.

All deputies are  Meth Lab Safety Clean Up Certified and know the proper handling procedures for evidence and hazardous materials.

Saucier told employees, “This will take community effort to resolve. We cannot arrest our way out of this problem.”

Chris Nash, RN, Nurse Manager at Highland says, “Our organization in completely invested in community outreach and trying in all avenues to show our interest.

  “We have had a few events in the department with labs exploding; we have many patients that partake in this lifestyle. We are currently building our Haz-Mat team up on a continuing basis and the immediate feedback I received this morning from the employees in attendance was great. Multiple employees within the hospital have approached me today, asking if this event was going to be done again. I hope so,” Nash continued.