Published 3:27 pm Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Sunday we are celebrating the death of our mortal enemy and the next we celebrate our dear sweet Mama’s, both are good reasons to cheer.

However, in that time period, I have had to correct myself several times as I kept flubbing my selection of names. I have heard from own lips, “We killed Obama!”

Yikes! Typing it makes me paranoid.

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If it were just me and not a national speech impediment epidemic, then I would be worried about my freedom. Every time I make the verbal misstep, I fear a man with a black suit jumping out of the bushes and taking me down!

Thankfully, I am not alone in this. Can we fault that our president and our darkest enemy have similar names? Conspiracy nuts fill the online highway with pages of some deeper meaning to this.

Kind of reminds me when I have seen printed in the sports section that Jesus knocked one out of the ball park. Jesus struck out. What?

Oh, yeah, those Latin dudes!

For the record, I have no violent tendencies toward our president. I can agree to disagree without getting personal.

The only way I kill presidents are by my votes.

Thankfully in this instance, it was Obama who got Osama!

But that didn’t stop the gaffes a coming! Journalists and politicians were forced to use the two names in the same sentence. Tweeted reports of Obama was shot and killed filled the airways. Big oops!

Jon Stewart used the name miscue as a bit on his Daily Show by mistakenly saying Obama for Osama and pulling out his big jar of money. He had to put in every time it was misused. It was nearly full.

Actually, it was a Navy seal, our military, our CIA, our intelligence and years of presidential leadership that came to a final easy decision by our current president. This has won Obama praise by both sides of the aisle and that is a feat rarely seen.

Yet, the heavy dose of credit goes to the team that risked their lives and flew into a foreign land and entered the enemy’s compound. Navy Seal Team 6 were the ones to do the deed. Much has been said about their feat, but officially, there is no such group.

They are the soldiers no one speaks of, just like Valdemort in Harry Potter.

They do not exist.

Neither does Area 51, but aliens seem to find it.

It was a political risk for Obama. For all that is wrong in the country, I give him credit for having faith in our military prowess and allowing the mission. Good call.

For one day, our country came together cheering the death of our enemy. USA! USA! Spontaneous eruptions of crowds cheering spread across the United States, the largest gathered where it was most appropriate… at Ground Zero.

It was good to see folks proud to be an American again.

As usual, not all Americans cheered. The party poopers didn’t think we should take Osama out, but seriously, if I had a loaded gun and Hitler was in my sights, would I hesitate? If the murderer of your children was pointing his weapon at you, would you hesitate or whine about we shouldn’t kill people.

Let me point out, Osama had his gun pointed, maybe not literally in his hands, but in his plans, his training of terrorist and because of his leadership, even now, more Americans will die.

This isn’t the turn your cheek moment, or love your enemies teachings. Remember, the Bible is full of killing, all with the seal of God’s approval.

Killing is a defensive action to stomp out evil which is completely different from murder. Osama threw the first punch in this fight and now that he is gone, our world is a better place.

So, we celebrate.

Sadly, for those in the South, we were happy for a moment. We have had so many disasters that it was nice to have a moment of levity.

For Alabamanians, the news of Osama’s death took awhile to trickle down due to the lack of communication and electricity. By Mother’s Day, many areas were returning to some normalcy, but the devastation is so widespread.

I count my blessings but I do it with a heavy heart since so many in close proximity are suffering. A few miles north of me was a F-5 tornado and a few miles below me was a F-4.

Now, we have the Mississippi River flooding. Someone needs to tell Obama to let God’s people go because we seem to be under the curse of plagues.

Also, by Mother’s Day, the death of Osama has taken on a new life in conspiracy theories. Suspicious people think Osama is still alive and well. Probably, he and Elvis are in hiding somewhere.

No one seemed to agree about the final moment details which fed the flame of conspiracy. Right after the announcement, ding dong the Osama’s dead, we got tales of fire fights. Five minutes later, he didn’t have a gun.

Gun or no gun, it doesn’t matter to me. As Huckabee stated, he is very happy to know that the last thing that went through Osama’s mind before he died was an American bullet.

Justice is served.

The war on terror continues as the new contestants for replacing the top spot goes on.

We continue to battle with natural disasters as the flood waters move down to New Orleans for its yearly crisis of epic proportions.

But, don’t worry, apparently the end of the world is coming early and now a church group have pronounced May 21st as the day.

At least we can die happy, knowing Obama got Osama.

Tracy Williams is a syndicated columnist and can be reached via Face Book at My Hometown Column. Become a fan.