Picayune Writer’s Corner

Published 1:11 am Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Easter Poem

By Gwen Williams / Ms. Chocolate

God, these kids are awful …

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         They refuse to listen, they won’t obey.

        I continue to fuss day after day,

        it goes in one ear and out the other—

        the Gospel story for loving one another.

        They argue and cuss with all their might

        knowing very well neither one of them is right.

        Why do I struggle with such a mess?

        I sure don’t need this kind of stress.

        ‘Gimmie this, gimmie that’ is all they know.

        They think my class is just another show.

        They eat up my food and never say thanks.

        When I say ‘let’s pray’ their minds draw a blank.

        They say they’re just having a fit;

        I’m ready to throw up my hands and quit.


God, those people are awful …

         That must have been what Jesus said

        in the Garden as He bowed His head.

        They refused to listen, they would not obey.

        But I continued to teach day after day.

        ‘Heal me, feed me, make my eyes see’

        ‘We’re gonna get you Jesus’ says the Pharisee.

        I gave my best to show them love

         whenever I was near, they’d just push and shove.

        Now they’re coming to hang me on a cross

        God, didn’t our message get across?

        As I hang here surrounded by a faithful few,

       I ask you, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

        I’m back in the garden, not dead but alive.

        There’s a group of women here with a missionary drive.

        In the Upper Room there’s folk praying inside,

        there’s peace, love, joy, arms opened wide.

        They know me and remember what I taught.

        They promise to share the message I brought.

        One day I’ll tell this bunch well done.

        They will join hands singing,

       “To God be the glory, great things He has done!”

Writer’s Bio


Gwen  “Ms. Chocolate” Williams, has been ministering to children and adults through storytelling, song and books for years.

She says, “I am known as Ms. Chocolate the story-teller. I grew up on a small chicken farm and I have lots of stories about my life there. I resided in New Orleans until the hurricane.”

She relocated to Picayune after losing almost everything but Jesus in her heart to Katrina.

Ms. Chocolate is a member of First Baptist Church and has been published in many inspirational journals and websites.