Entire ‘Complex’ costs need to be scrutinized

Published 2:03 pm Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have noticed that the editorial column (in the Item) is nothing more than a ‘copy editorial’ from another newspaper. It has been some time since locals articles, I only recall one, has been printed. Most people who read the Item have already read other newspapers and always watch the news so these editorials are old news to us.

I have written the Supervisors twice (and I always sign my e-mails) and asked if you have figured an ‘estimate’ of all costs on the Complex.

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But before you go off ‘half cocked’ you need to look at any cost that is not in that $14 plus million. Does it include the architect plans cost, all the additional furnishings, computers, printers/etc. Est. Utilities, insurance cost, etc. The reason I am so concerned is the lack of funds to cover our needs in the last budget and now this comes up. I know you probably think I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I have dealt with estimates on jobs and that is what they are — an estimate — but you include every little thing you can thnk of that may be a cost — and have you.

I still have hope that this question may be answered.  I’m not against the Complex totally — but it could be built on what you can afford — and what is truly needed.

Merle Jopes

Carriere, Ms.