Scam limited to phone calls

Published 4:58 pm Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday’s story that stated Keesler scams included both phone calls and emails linking to fraudulent websites was inaccurate.

Keesler Federal Credit Union Vice President of Marketing Sharon Keller said the scams are now limited to phone calls, and do not include emails that link customers to fraudulent websites.

The scams entail phone calls going out to Gulf Coast residents in an attempt to gather account and other personal information. Keller urges recipients of the phone calls to not call the number back and avoid giving out account or other personal information.

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The phone calls are recordings stating that the person’s debit or credit card has been frozen and instructs the person to call a number and provide the scammers with debit or credit card information.

“We’re saying don’t do that,” Keller said.