Duh! Winning!

Published 2:47 pm Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Duh Winning! The hollow ring echoes throughout our media blitz as Charlie Sheen tries to rival the Celeb meltdown equal to Anna Nicole Smith, and we all know how that ended.

Really? Winning? More like losing! He has lost his kids, his job, his sanity and yet he rants, “Winning!” There are multiple layers of denial swimming around in Sheen’s head and as the entertainment value is for the morbidly train-wreck variety, his craziness will continue to be full frontal documented. Don’t look Ethel!

Yes, we looked. Thankfully, our attention is short. What other winners and losers are in the news? Isn’t it all about Charlie?

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A book came out last week that demands my attention. Women are better than men at many things such as being cops, drivers, gamblers, spies, world leaders, beer tasters, hedge fund managers, and just about everything else. Beer tasters?

Oh, yes … winning! We are winning! Yet, we still are paid less.

This means that Oprah could run the world, that a woman president might clean up the economic mess we are in and as these women bring home the bacon, they will have to fry it up, eat what is left after the family fills up, cold and dry as it is, and then clean up the greasy mess afterwards. Yes, we win; but who is doing the winning dance?

In doing research, apparently, there are several books on this subject and they tend to be written by men. Now I am suspicious. The conspiracy is that they are trying to get us do all the hard work, even in leading the world and keeping the peace so they can hang out and play with man toys.

What does winning look like? I saw a perfect display on Good Morning America in which they played a viral video of a University of Memphis spirit squad member celebrating after they won a National Championship in hip hop. Captain Marina Barrett lost control and her winning dance has put her on the YouTube list of fifteen minutes of fame.

I think I saw that same dance played out after the Saints won the Super Bowl times a million.

Winning doesn’t always look so violent or energized.

For a mom, winning is usually an inner moment when you have finally got one of your children to do a task that has been an uphill battle. It’s a “ah ha” moment.

I have done a happy dance a few times too.

Winning. It is a sweet feeling no matter how you respond. But, also in the news we have seen a high school go through the rollercoaster ride of the highest high to the lowest low, and all within a few minutes.

Have you ever experienced the thrill of the last minute victory such as the Hartley kick, the game winning grand slam, or the last goal shot at a basketball game?

The crowd erupts in an adrenaline pumping euphoria as the winning celebration begins. The trigger is the dude who made the closing shot. He is the focal point of victory. Then, you watch as he collapses. Dead at 16.

I can’t imagine the switch that transformed joy to horror. It happened to Wes Leonard who in overtime, made the final lay-up to win the game for the Fennville High School basketball team.

Life can be that cruel. You are riding high, maybe waiting for a child to be born and in the most joyous moment of your life you experience devastating heartache. How you handle it shows your character.

The happiest moments are not a guarantee to last.

Do I think Charlie Sheen is winning? Do I think he has quality? No; but then who does at this point? He is the deer in headlights before the final bullet.

The sad part is he could have won. He had talent, money and opportunity to do something good with his life. He also has fathered several children that could have benefited from a fatherly mentor. Unless something drastically changes his will be a life of “could have been.”

When I compare my life to his, I think I have the bragging rights. I am winning. I have it all. Well, I don’t have millions in the bank and celebrity status, but the stuff that counts. I have that.

I should be on a media blitz. If anyone has the right to have “winning” tattooed on their wrist … it’s me.

How about you? Are you winning?

Here is a good test, compare yourself to Sheen and if you are worse off than he is, then you need some life changes. Otherwise, be happy with your lot in life.

Heah Charlie … losing!

As for me— I am practicing my ‘winning dance.’

Tracy Williams is a syndicated columnist and can be reached via Face Book at My Hometown Column. Become a fan.