Where God walks …

Published 4:11 pm Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where God walks …

By Jodi Marze

In the architecture of winter trees

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in the starkness of that which is bare,

I saw your beauty and fell to my knees

in awe that you were there.

In the after burn of what once was green

through the haze of lingering smoke,

I glimpsed you in the hazy sheen

of the landscape’s ebony cloak.

While bass jumped where water birds played,

as the crab spiders dangled in the breeze,

I heard you in the Pinecote Pavillion today

conversing with the egrets and the bees.

I passed you on the Savannah one time;

I spied you in the Pitcher Plant field.

I heard you in the cricket’s chime

as I studied the water shield.

That you walk here, there is no doubt;

you are in each branch and leaf,

each rock, shrub, insect and route.

Your miracles command my belief.

Writer’s Bio

By Jodi Marze/Lifestyles Editor

Jodi Marze has been poet and  freelance writer for many years.

She has won writing contests since age seven, She had her first book published and placed in her elementary school library at the age of eight. At age nine, she published a handwritted neighborhood newspaper, which she sold for a quarter. It was a big success due to the gossip column that featured the initials of the neighbors and tidbits overheard while playing. This revelation of “why” it was so successful, came much later in her years. The venture did not last longer than three weeks because she grew tired of handwriting out the copies and her mother would not let her raise the price higher.

Jodi enjoys writing a variety of genres, but her most dominant voice is one of spiritual nature; often times in prayer format.

Throughout her childhood years, she battled asthma and spent a lot of time indoors, reading. Books and writing have always been important to her.

Her favorite authors are: Clive Cussler (the early years), Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Dan Brown, Louisa May Alcott, Eudora Welty and Pearl Rivers.

Jodi currently works at the Picayune Item.