November 3 message was loud and clear, but Obama refuses to listen

Published 3:39 pm Friday, February 11, 2011


President Obama knows the message November 3 said, but he is not deterred from implementing his agenda through agencies and bureaucratic appointees. The name czar for some of these appointees does not fit in with the lexicon of American liberties. I canot fathom why there is a constitutional right of agencies and unelected officials to have the power of Congress. If this is not challenged, nullified, and stopped our liberties will vanish and the execution will wield totalitarian control over our lives.

Actions of executive overreach in the last two years are many. The EPA is imposing regulations which will greatly increase costs to businesses and individuals, limiting our trading competitiveness and further taxes all of us.

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The moratorium on oil field production, and licensing was politicized and decreased our energy supplies, killed thousands of jobs, and raised prices. The FCC’s ruling for net neutrality is a step toward government control of the internet.

The Department of Education is proposing abolishing what they call niche programs such as civics, history, and constitutional studies. Our students; knowledge of our true history and our constitutional government is already deficient.

These actions thumb their nose at Congress and any semblance of fiscal responsibility and the consequences on to the lives of all Americans. When the president give lip service to our concerns we should be aware that his beliefs and intentions have not changes.


Patricia W. Wilkes