Commercial burglary, simple robbery suspects arrested

Published 3:10 pm Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick thinking and quick actions by a Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department deputy and a store clerk brought about the arrest of three suspects involved in two separate incidents.

The first incident involved the breaking and entering of an unoccupied dwelling that was quickly resolved before any items were stolen. The second incident was quickly resolved when a store clerk used the store’s land line to dial 911 unbeknownst to the suspect.

As Deputy Kay Dominguez completed a traffic stop at about 7 p.m. Saturday and resumed her patrol of the area in the 8000 block of U.S. 11, she noticed some shadows walking between buildings, said Chief Deputy Shane Tucker.

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When Dominguez went to check out the moving shadows Tucker said she found 23 year-old Glenn Bonano of 10011 Cleveland St., Bay St. Louis walking in the area. After securing Bonano for questioning and calling for back-up, Dominguez investigated around the home and found the door to an adjacent shed had been pried open, Tucker said. Dominguez also checked out the interior of the unoccupied home, which showed signs of forced entry, and found another suspect, 31 year-old Anna Williams of 521 N. Main St., hiding in a room of the home, the chief deputy said. No items were taken in the incident, Tucker said.

“They were foiled before they got anything out of there,” Tucker said.

After taking both suspects into custody for commercial burglary, investigators found a couple of items, such as a shovel and file, had been moved, but it was unclear if the items were going to be stolen or used by the burglary suspects to further their crime, Tucker said.

Tucker said the charge of commercial burglary was pressed because the home was unoccupied at the time.

A separate incident at 12:22 early Sunday morning was solved by the quick thinking of a store clerk. Tucker said that morning 24 year-old Joshua Corey Pearson of 22 Barnett Road, entered the Keith’s Superstore off of Interstate 59’s Exit 10 on West Union Road and attempted to rob it.

After Pearson entered the store, he tried to convince the clerk behind the counter he had a weapon and that he should give up all the money in the register, however Pearson never displayed a weapon, Tucker said. The clerk did not immediately give up the money in the register, instead he secretly used the store’s land line to dial 911, leaving it open so dispatchers could hear the robbery in progress, the chief deputy said. The suspect continued his ruse, all the while dispatchers were listening through the open line, which the suspect did not notice, Tucker said.

“This guy’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer,” Tucker said.

The open land line provided the dispatchers with a location of the crime and they sent deputies to the area, Tucker said.

After the clerk eventually gave Pearson $20 out of the register, he left but was picked up a short time later at the nearby Interstate on-ramp and was charged with simple robbery, Tucker said.

Simple robbery charges are pressed when a suspect uses the threat of bodily harm in lieu of displaying a weapon to conduct a robbery, Tucker said.