Some of my “Not so favorite” things

Published 3:56 pm Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Raindrops on roses, check; whiskers on kittens, not so much, and warm woolen mittens, not at all –scratchy and I can’t move my thumbs.

The famous favorite things song which is played over and over during the Holiday season is fun and delightful; however it is also disingenuous since I did not write the lyrics and for the record, most of those favorite items would not make my top one hundred list of favorite things.

I can’t remember the last cream colored pony or crisp apple strudel that I have been exposed to and enjoyed.

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However, I do like my iPod, my netbook computer, soft leather boots, memory foam, Face Book and my shaggy dog, Cody. As things go, these are a few of my favorite things.

On the other hand, I like to complain about stuff that is on my not so favorite list. These items are of recent annoyance and I felt like unloading. Feel free to agree and claim them on your list.

Let me jump on the bandwagon, TSA screeners who grope and plunder potential plane passengers should be treated in the same and like manner. Let the passengers get to search the TSA personnel first. If that doesn’t solve the complaints then add my second problem-solving ideal: TSA screeners must look like Ryan Reynolds or Jennifer Anniston so that when they get too intimate and personal we won’t mind so much.

Next on my list of not so favorite things was the silly controversy surrounding Dancing with the Stars. It seems every time a Palin is involved the media lose brain cells and inflate the drama.

Would you believe that some folks voted for the young Palin because America likes seeing young girls who aren’t so polish achieve the stature of a dancing queen? No one cried foul when Kelly Osbourne, a danced challenged young woman who lacked a dancer’s body, and did not come from the normal debutante fashion push through the critics and found herself in third place. No tea voters there, just honest Americans pulling for the underdog.

Bristol is not a great dancer, but she worked hard, and tried hard and for all those that think people only voted for her because of her mother then also remember lots of people voted against her because of her mother as well. It evens out in the wash.

For the record, I voted for Jennifer Gray, or as I refer to her, “Baby”. Some said I looked a lot like her when I was younger, and before her nose job.

Also on my ‘not’ list, the fact I never made it on Oprah’s favorite things show and she has ended her run. Not happy about that. I guess that is the part of the song where the bee stings.

News coverage in every facet of our lives is not such a favorite thing either, even for a news junkie like myself. At my local restaurant, news is on multiple television monitors, at the doctor’s office waiting room, more news, when I check my e-mail, latest news, it’s everywhere! Do I really need an update about the latest missing child, mystery bone found in Aruba, shooting rampages and every political hiccup made by the loudest politician for the day? Life is full of trials and tribulation enough but to add the world’s weight of bad news on a round the clock dose seems a bit much. 

It is hard to be upbeat when you are continuously beaten down by breaking news.

I am not happy about the Atlanta Falcons leading our division a half game ahead of our beloved Saints. I am still feeling warm and fuzzy from last years victories, but just as little Oliver held out his empty bowl to the mean school masters, “I want some more.”

Those were a few of my not so favorite things, but the top of my list is the horrible injustice of leaking government secrets in the ruse of the people need to know.

I don’t need to know. I don’t want to know. Just keep me safe.

Wiki leaks feels compelled to publish the confidential cables detailing Washington’s diplomatic interactions with other countries in which unflattering terms were use to describe certain world leaders. Not only is this a horrible Intel failure of epic proportions, but that an entity would desire to further it along to the world makes it a double dose of stupidity and a very dangerous igniter of mistrust into the free world. Just what we needed!

This is the one instance that it okay to shoot the messenger. And by shoot, I mean take down the free flowing information and shut down Wiki people, which by the way is going on. Wiki leaks is experiencing cyber attacks in an attempt to prevent the colossal fallout.

Where is our Geek Squad when you need them?

Nerds unite and save us from the evil power of Wiki! God Bless America and Bill Gates. We need a super hero with lightning speed computer skills! Where is Data from the Next Generation when you need him?

I saw this same thing happen on Days of Our Lives when Arianna got the video confession that Sammi shot E.J. and we all know how that turned out for poor deceased Arianna. Right?

Oh, excuse me, I went in Soap Opera mode.

Our world is dangerous enough without help from cyber bullies.

Would you like your private e-mails made public when you discussed personal names for your boss? Your family? In private conversations, we can say some detrimental things as a jest or even seriously, but in the comfort of knowing it would not get back to the subject.

At the recent Thanksgiving, you may have negatively mentioned something about a relative, or their food that you would never want to get back to them. Beware, Wiki leaks might obtain your private e-mail comment and publish it for all to see. Shame on them.

What bugs you? What is your not so favorite things? Sometimes its good to get them off your chest and whine a bit. But, never stay in a state of whine, it’s a bad place. Look to the good on most days that will get you further in life.

As for me, I never linger in the doldrums, must move forward — plus, make a list for new Christmas list things. Now that is good use of my time.

Tracy Williams is a syndicated columnist and can be reached at her website or become a fan on Face Book at My Hometown Column.