Miracle babies and angels

Published 12:33 am Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ruth Serpas recalls the day that her little miracle baby, (her grandson Johnny) came to her home for Christmas.

She says, “The Dr.s always told my daughter that she would never have children. Now standing in my living room for Christmas was my beautiful grandson, living testament to the words I always say and know to be true, God always has the last words.”

Serpas continues, “My grandson went to the two angel figures that I had standing by my Christmas tree, holding bowls of Hershey’s kisses. Little Johnny was drawn to them and wanted to share the candy with them as well. I watched as he kept looking at the angel wondering why she would not take the candy that he was attempting to share.”

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“As I watched him with joy and love, I thought of how our heavenly father must have felt as he looked upon the birth of his only son. A birth with real angels in attendance. I imagined all of the joy that must have filled God’s heart.” Serpas says.

“Not long after this, my daughter gave birth to another little miracle named Cindi. She is blessed with her children and w marvel every day at the way  God answers prayers. Miracles do happen we just need to have faith.”