Tip from public leads to another meth arrest

Published 2:35 pm Thursday, September 23, 2010

A community complaint brought about the arrest of a Picayune resident for suspected methamphetamine activity.

Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Donnie Saucier said the complaint came into the department on Thursday, Sept. 9, and alleged that 36 year-old Charles “Chopper” Roberts of 2405 Jackson Landing Road was cooking, using and selling methamphetamine.

Detectives Rob Williams and Joe Garcia went to Roberts’ home that day to speak with him about the allegations, Saucier said. During the discussion, the detectives received consent to search the home. During the search the detectives found several empty packages of pseudoephedrine, acetone and salt.

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Saucier said the search also uncovered some sulfuric acid and some DampRid hidden in a Shop-Vac in an upstairs bedroom. Saucier said DampRid is a moisture absorbing product sold in stores, but is also used in the production of methamphetamine.

Also in the search, the detectives found a syringe believed to have been used to inject methamphetamine and some foil that contained what is believed to be residue from the use of methamphetamine.

Roberts was charged with possession of precursor chemicals and possession of methamphetamine for the residue on the foil.