Shallow Creek to perform at Crosby Memorial Library

Published 3:48 pm Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Every now and again, a group seems to pop up from obscurity and into the limelight, capturing the imagination of those who thrive on the sound of Bluegrass Gospel.

Farron, Brent and Jonathan Moeller, stand at the center of this Bluegrass Gospel band, their voices blending in a way that only those of brothers can. The Moeller brothers — along with three other members — seem to be shaking the Gospel Music tree in the South, just watching the ripe fruit fall.

They grew up as part of the sixth generation working on Shallow Creek Farm, near Picayune. In fact, they all live on the farm with their families and help out whenever possible.

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Devoting their lives to service, the brothers’ talent and care is not limited to their music. They each pull full time jobs as registered nurses in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Rooms.

Two other musicians, whom they are most thankful for, add a pronounced and welcoming interest to the music. Kenny Dawsey, dubbed “the local authority on bluegrass” plays a sweet mandolin and guitar. Gene Stone, who began playing at the age of four, has unmatched ability to play anything with strings (even his shoes.)

This group of dedicated brothers and musicians have recorded together and now have a new member. The newest addition to the group is Jake, Farron’s youngest son, who plays fiddle. After traveling with the group several years, Jake couldn’t help but catch the music fever.

When asked to describe their musical style, Farron said, “We grew up singing in church and listening to a lot of country music; but singing God’s praises is our only desire. We like to combine the acoustic instruments of bluegrass with the country and southern gospel sound in our vocal harmonies. We feel this makes our signature sound one that is rarely heard these days.”

Farron says, “We just enjoy traveling around and meeting new folks while we spread the Word in song. It is our hope and prayer that something we do or say will be a blessing and bring a smile to someone’s face.”