Bonding agents arrested in shooting

Published 1:05 am Sunday, September 5, 2010

Three bonding agents of Carlito’s Way out of Kiln were arrested by Picayune Police officers for allegedly firing a gun, which hit a woman, while attempting to take a suspect into custody.

The incident took place Friday morning in front of Access Medical Clinic on Telly Road at about 8:51. As a result three people were arrested, 40 year-old Carlos Estrella, 38 year-old Tammy Estrella and 34 year-old Ricky Bane. Carlos Estrella owns Carlito’s Way bonding company, and the other two bonding agents who were arrested work for him. According to Hancock County jail records, the man brought in by the bonding agents was Samuel Michel, 41, of Bay St. Louis, who was wanted for a contempt of court warrant for failure to appear.

Picayune Police Detective Chris Toft said the three suspects had received information that the man would be in the Picayune area at the medical clinic, so they went to pick him up on the warrant. When the bonding agents arrived at the clinic they spotted the man they were looking for, who was sitting in a truck with a female.

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Carlos Estrella had a gun in his hand as the bonding agents approached the man. When the agents attempted to take Michel into custody, a struggle took place and the gun in Carlos Estrella’s hand went off, going through a door of the truck and striking the female on the side of her abdomen, Toft said.

“Luckily, the momentum of the bullet was diminished passing through the door and only caused a bruise. It did not penetrate the skin,” Toft said.

The bonding agents took Michel to the Hancock County where he was booked in on the warrant, jail records state. Meanwhile, Picayune Police Officers were notified of the incident and a “be-on-the-look-out” alert, or BOLO, was issued for the three bonding agents. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department responded to the BOLO, telling the Picayune Police Dept. that the bonding agents were at the Sheriff’s Department.

Picayune Police officers went to the Hancock Sheriff’s Department and arrested the three bonding agents for aggravated assault and confiscated the gun. They are being held at the Picayune jail pending a probable cause hearing.