Illegalization of “Mojo”

Published 10:01 pm Friday, July 2, 2010


As stated in a Picayune Item article dated June 22, 2010, Pearl River County Supervisors recently voted to outlaw the sale of herbal incense or “mojo” as it is called. As a Pearl River County resident, I find this terribly unjust.

The substance is not a drug, but incense. The state of Mississippi has no right to stop selling a perfectly legal product. We live in a country that is known for freedom, yet the right to buy incense is going to be takenaway.  If every product that was abused was outlawed, where would we be? It is known that some abusers huff gas, will that too be illegal soon? Pearl River County will not only anger a number of citizens with the illegalization of herbal incense, but will loose a great deal of tax money if the product is not sold in this county.

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It is ignorant to believe that outlawing the product in this county will stop anyone from buying it. Instead the illegalization of incense will just encourage patrons to venture to nearby cities and states, so that they may purchase the product. Also, as a tax payer I find it completely unfair that my tax money will be used to house residents arrested because they illegally possessed herbal incense!

Mississippi is one of the poorest states, yet continually passes on opportunities to increase revenues, such as with the sale of alcohol or now with the sale of herbal incense; and will now be wasting more money to house more inmates. I find it disgusting that the supervisors and other public figures are allowing potential sales to bleed from our state.

I am also ashamed at the supervisors’ attitudes toward citizens’ reactions to the illegalization of herbal incense, especially supervisor Holliday saying, “I think we ought to just outlaw it, and if they don’t like it, let them do something about it. We should ban it in Pearl River Co. and let someone takes us to court.” This man is supposed to represent our county, not take the law into his own hands, consider only his opinion, and disregard the opinions of the citizens of the county.

Daniella DiRienzo